as, for, and of…with a dimmer switch…

A-Ha! moment today! I finally became more aware and understood, the difference between documenting as, for and of learning! I originally had the mindset of assessment for, as, and of learning… which obviously made my brain think something different. Especially when I was trying to figure out Documenting FOR Learning.

Makes so much more sense to me now that I understand that Documenting FOR Learning is the hurdle between and stickiness to reflect on Why, Where do I go from here, Reflection, Interpretation, Feedback and constant movements to next steps.

During writing this blog, I had to ask…yet again…for clarity. So is it a “lightbulb” just yet? I suppose it is…but this lightbulb just has a dimmer switch in this instance….keep you posted!




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  1. Right there with you, Chelsea. We will figure it out together! I feel like I get it, and then minutes later, more questions pop up and feel less certain about my convictions. The assessment of, as, and for learning are also muddying the waters for me. 😉


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