you’ve gotta start somewhere…

Spending the first day with @langwitches opened a door of “starting from somewhere” for me. Documenting learning from a personal view to enlighten and evolve, to optimally continue to learn and change along, with, and for goals of education for the #learningforthe22ndcentury.

So why are we here? How did I get here? What’s led us to pinpoint and continue our learning continuum of professionals, educators, and life long learners?

For me, it was the instance where/when I stopped avoiding math and began to actively seek it out. This turning point led me to begin to acknowledge who and how people were influencing and supporting my goals, how I was coming up with my own focused goals, and more importantly, why I was now doing what I was doing, as I shared previously today that I was not originally on the path to become an educator…

This is my video from today, that speaks to how the pyramid structure is an important educational symbol for me.

 Was this a comfortable experience? Nope. Do I plan to remain comfortable on this journey. Nope. That’s the thing about the pyramid, you have to move up and down, base and top. You’ll feel every emotion and feeling along the way, push and pull, days of lightness, followed by periods of weight and work ahead, not to mention all and any anxiety in between…but who better to go through it all with, then with OJCS trusting peers and partners on the same vulnerable quest.

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