lost at school

In the spirit and creativity of Tara Martin and her innovative BookSnaps, I have decided to display my thoughts, insights, and questions (some rhetorical, some critical, and some open-ended…) around one of my summer reading books; Lost at School by Dr. Ross W. Greene.

I divided the snaps up by chapter, so that those reading, or have read, could follow/comment/enjoy as well!

so with little less to type…enjoy!

School of Hard Knocks

Introduction & Chapter One

Kids Do Well if They Can

Chapter Two

Lesson Plans

Chapter Three

Let’s Get Started

Chapter Four

Bumps in the Road

Chapter Five

The Icing on the Cake

Chapter Six

Meeting of the Minds

Chapter Seven

School of Thought

Chapter Eight

Lives in the Balance

Chapter Nine


  1. Wow Chelsea, this post is fantastic! Thank you for capturing your thoughts, questions, and learning through various book snaps (accompanied by cute bitmojis). I loved the creativity and literal “snapshots” of the book.

    As for your book snap regarding classroom reward systems – I was tagged in a twitter chat (https://twitter.com/paul_emerich/status/1160959500813291520) about behaviour management systems and what teachers are using in 2019 instead of behaviour clip charts. Building strong relationships with the students is a theme that is coming up quite a bit in the responses.

    Thanks for the shout out! Looking forward to our book club at pre-planning week!


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