As I was travelling on this journey of my own growth…last week my engine stalled…

A few years ago, I met up with a long time mentor and friend, while finding my footing during some professional changes and roles. She shared with me the concept of the 4’V’s within any workplace. The Vampires, The Victims, The Vacationers, and the Volunteers. The Vampires are the people who complain and are not accepting of change. They end up gathering and “biting” others, release their venom, so to speak, who in turn become the victims. The victims are the followers of the vampires. They accept and spread the negative message outwards and don’t provide critical feedback or an optimistic lens for growth.  Then there are the Vacationers. Those colleagues who just work and check in and check out. Not particularly interested in one change or another, just come in, do their job, and go home. Finally, come the volunteers. The most important; however, unfortunately, typically the smallest cohort of employees. These workers put their own time and thoughts towards change, try new things, are open to ideas, and put forth a great effort into making a difference each day.

So why write about this now? What and how does this relate to me on this journey of documenting my learning? My stalled engine?

In the past week, I’ve been struggling with the idea of putting myself out there. Private vs. Professional life. I understand and acknowledge the importance of sharing and communicating to better ourselves and each other. Where I was stuck, was with judgement, fear of being wrong, scared of showing my faults, and ultimately worried that this transparency would leave me alone and afraid.

U-turn back to the 4 ‘v’ s of the workplace, I have gone from vampire, to victim, to vacationing within my own head about this journey. I know it. I own it. My gas tank was empty.

What has changed over the last few days, and after long thinking nights, is the inclusion of other v’s within my journey to give me more fuel to keep going.

Validation, Voice, Value, and Vulnerability. I received validation for my work. So important. This small positive comment and compliment, provided me with more confidence and support than what I would have ever thought. Small thing. Big change. It is beginning to allow me to amplify my voice. A voice that was quiet. A voice that I thought had no value. Which makes me think and ponder what value actually is. Reflection itself, is of value to me. Of course. But value to others? With my voice? Others including; teachers, parents, and more importantly as I become more vulnerable, my students and their journey.

My comfort zone is shifting. My outlook is changing, and my willingness to receive and give validation, display and share my voice, be comfortable with uncomfortable vulnerability, and to recognize and appreciate the value in all of this….it’s all okay. It will be all okay. Sharing faults and failures, sharing solutions and samples is private to me, but making it public is more meaningful within my professional growth. Letting people in. Moving over, and allowing others to travel alongside me.

So…as I allow for more “room” within all these v’s, I’m moving along. Moving forward becoming a volunteer on this journey, not just for myself, but for others.

Opening up space and “room” to welcome these new v’s into my growth, I’m hearing an engine begin to rev: “vvvvvvvv”room…..here I go!


  1. @Chelsea
    A great documentation of your learning journey in terms of where you were and are regarding your feelings around privacy and online sharing of your professional learning. You are succeeding in making your thinking visible to me, your reader, and are adding value to MY learning by sharing the 4Vs (which I had never heard of) AND you are extending and connecting my thinking by adding these other Vs into the mix (validation, voice, value and vulnerability). Now I can read your post, learn from it and move on OR I can contribute on my own to add value by creating and sharing in turn…. I am thinking… stayed tuned… ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Unpacking your blog post and being a visual processor, I came up with the following visual to summarize your 8Vs ๐Ÿ™‚


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